Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May 2014

Regional Base of Leisure of Bois-le – Roi – South of Paris -France

A lively and joyful celebration to meet Europe and our Europeans neighbours 

Lithuania will be honored on next May 17th and 18th at the 3RD edition of the Festival of Europe being held in the beautiful place of Fontainebleau forest.

60 Lithuanians, including the group of reggae music from Vilnius, “Ministry of Echology” and the folk group of Alytus, “Tarskutis”, will travel especially to France to participate in this great event that highlights the richness of the European heritage, the talents and skills of European countries.

Our representatives associated to the organization Baltic Wave Communication managed by Inga Lanchas will share our history and our traditions with the French public and the other participating groups from Estonia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia,… 15 countries will be gathered on the European village for this weekend of dialogue, sharing and friendship.

On the programme of the festive days many shows and shared activities: songs, music and dances, traditional and current, European fairy tales, creative workshops, walls of expression, games from popular tradition, football tournament, volleyball, skate. Many stands will offer European local products, specialties, handicrafts, tourism information. A great concerts-evening will take place on Saturday 17th.

The Festival of Europe offers also the opportunity to better understand the functioning of the European Union, to discover opportunities for European programmes, Exchange with Members of the European Parliament in coffee-meetings organized throughout the weekend.

The event is organized by the Association Colors of Europe in partnership with the European Commission, within the “Europe for citizens” programme.

For more information: contact@colorsofeurope.EU –