Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

„Mindrė“ is a youth folk ensemble from Vilnius, founded in the autumn of 2008 when several seemingly completely different people who shared the love for Lithuania, its traditions and heritage, decided to get together and sing for fun.

Although the ensemble is young when it comes to both the age of the members and the ensemble itself, they can already be proud of their experience. Members of “Mindrė“perform a variety of songs and dances, play traditional instruments such as the violin, basedlė, dambrelis, lumzdelis, kanklės, skudučiai, drums, harmonica, accordion, creating traditional setups.

“Mindrė” is always an active participant in concerts, festivals and celebrations in various Lithuanian cities and towns, because the group sees every performance as a great and fun way to spend their time. They are not afraid of challenges and happily participate in projects together with local or foreign representatives of other musical genres.

Members of “Mindrė” are particularly enthusiastic, they don’t only perform, sing, play and dance together, but also gather for having fun and celebrating. Friendliness, parties, picnics, traveling together with traditional Lithuanian music and customs – this is the true spirit of the ensemble.

Head of the ensemble:

prof. Dr. Rytis Ambrazevičius