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Folk dance ensemble “Vilniaus Pynimėlis”

Vilnius Municipality Kirtimai cultural center folk dance ensemble “Vilniaus Pynimėlis” was established in 2005.  A group of 30 dancers cultivate Lithuanian dance and traditional culture.

The group is led by longtime dancer and choreographer of national song and dance ensemble “Lietuva” – Edgaras Suprunas. Concertmeister – Neringa Butkutė. During rehearsals dancers are joined by a folk instrument orchestra (led by Vytautas Kiminius).

Since its establishment, the core of the ensemble exists of former dancers and singers from Panevezys children’s song and dance ensemble “Pynimėlis “, however there are plenty of members from other towns: Alytus, Kaunas, Šiauliai etc. “Vilniaus Pynimėlis” is open to everyone who wants to dance and socialize.

“Dance is what unites us, what helps us live, what has made us more than just members of a dance group.”

Contact person:

Edgaras Suprunas


Tel. No. 8 60 043 592