Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

The New Theater for the Disabled

Troupe consists of talented actors nourishing national values, therefore ‘’The New Theater for the Disabled” would like to encourage everyone to take an interest in their country’s culture and values.

‘’The New Theater for the Disabled” is a theater which consists of disabled actors seeking professionalism. Due to inadequate environments and study programs, the majority of the disabled are unable to obtain a university education. The theater provides suitable conditions for talented people to obtain knowledge required for the theatrical arts. These actors later perform on the stages of famous Lithuanian theaters. We don’t only perform famous plays but also write our own.

Our troupe consists of actors who love the art and don’t let their disability stop them from reaching their goals. They want to get involved in the cultural life of the country. In only a couple years we have staged more than 6 plays and we continue to move forward. We welcome everyone to get acquainted with art together with us.

We are very much looking forward to increasing the troupe’s numbers – everyone from students to the elderly is invited. Plays are suitable for actors of any capability so the studio is open to everyone interested.

Contact person:

Laima Zemleckienė

Tel. No. 8 602 26789