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Ministry of Echology

“Ministry of Echology“ is a band from Vilnius that every Lithuanian reggae/dub music lover is well familiar with. The band was formed in 2009. Back then they performed together with Eazystyle MC. After a couple years, their ways separated but their friendship and creative work together continues.

The band started with playing famous reggae/dub pieces but currently most of their repertoire consists of their own compositions that reflect the flow and mood of this particular style.

Currently the members of the band are Rokas Jasiūnas (bass), Audrius Remeikis (drums), Jaronimas Šnipas (rhythmic guitar), Tomas Ždanavičius (solo guitar), Martynas Gailius (saxophone, percussion, vocals), Nerijus Laukaitis (trombone), Dominyka Kriščiūnaitė (vocals, melodica, fife), Elena Neniškytė (vocals) and Paulius Burakas (effects).

Contact person:

Paulius Burakas
Tel. No.: 8 679 93 047